Frequently Asked Questions

What is California Quartz Made of ? 

California Quartz plaster is made up of cement, sand, water and the addition of quartz.

There are different grades of quartz plaster. Quartz can be nominally added to the batch to add a little color and quartz to your white plaster, or quartz can be added in significant quantities to make your plaster more colorful and longer lasting.

What Color water will California Quartz give me? 

California Quartz plaster can give your water color a tons of options.

There is means colors of quartz from light blue, blue, dark blue, light green, green, teal, light gray, dark gray, black, and more that can be added or blended together to give you an almost infinite range of water colors. Please see our gallery and brochure for our color options

How Long will Quartz Plaster Last ?

California quartz plaster has a significant amount of quartz in the mix to give your quartz plaster lifespan a range from 15 to 20 years.

What are the benfits of California Quartz plaster? 

  • More durable than white plaster
  • More affordable than pebble or glass-bead plaster
  • Better warranty than white plaster